Color was crucial. For this project we chose a three-stage process. Primary decisions were made in Redcine-X Pro. Then the heavy lifting (complex secondary color) was done in After Effects. The final broadcast grading (single secondary color) was done in Avid Symphony. It was a thorough process that resulted in a better product than anyone else could deliver.



Two television spots are the flagship media initiatives in this ad campaign: "Adult-Child" and "Twins". There are also :60 radio ads produced by Telesco Creative Group.

Agency: Telesco Creative Group

Producer: Trish Phelan

Director / DP: James P. Gribbins

Media Director: Robin L. Needham, TraversCollins


Editing: Chris Bové, AlwaysEditing

Animator: Dave Cox, Eyeline Media

Music Composer: Ken Rutkowski

Audio Post: Outer Limit Recording Studio

Mastering and Delivery: Chris Bové, AlwaysEditing

Shot with the RED Scarlett, the raw RED files were delivered to the edit on a hard drive. They were converted to DNxHD444 for editing in Avid Symphony. All media was logged and selects were made, and then sent to the animator. The master animations were made in After Effects.