Chris Bové


​Expert filmmaker for nearly 30 years. Long and short format productions for national broadcasts, national and international festival distribution, social media, internet, BluRay and DVD releases. Able to direct and fully execute the writing and post-production processes. Routinely operate edit systems; edit and rewrite scripts; design graphic elements; train and manage assistants and interns; collaborate on large teams; and give presentations directly to clients - all while staying under deadline and under budget. Great deal of additional experience as Story Editor, Script Editor and Writer for all types of projects. Advanced knowledge of internet video delivery methods; and a Photoshop expert.



2021 Avid Media Composer Alpha & Beta

2020 Avid Media Composer Alpha & Beta

2019 Avid Media Composer, Avid Connect
2018 Avid Moderator Training, Media Composer 2018.x (Avid)

2014 Avid Moderator Training, Media Composer 8 (Avid)

2014 NAB Post|Production World

         - Documentary Editing 

         - Documentary Producer's Workshop

         - Avid Symphony Color Correction

         - Avid Media Composer Editing

2014 Avid Connect: 4K and UHD Workflows

2013 Avid Moderator Training, Media Composer 7 

2012 Avid Moderator Training: Media Composer 6.5; Avid FX and Boris BCC; Sorenson Squeeze 8

2011 Avid Moderator Training, Media Composer 5.5; Media Composer 6

2010 Avid Moderator Training, Media Composer 5

2009 Avid Moderator Training, AMA, Interplay, Media Composer v4

2008 Avid Moderator Training, Workflows for P2, XDCam and RED 

2008 Avid Certifications: Color Correction; Graphics and Mattes; I/O Essentials; Marquee ; Boris Red Complete ; Interplay Workgroup Management

2008 Avid Certifications: Interplay Digital Production Workflow ; Interplay for Editors; Interplay Assist; Interplay Access

2005 Mentoring:  Editing Techniques for National PBS Programs (Florentine Films)

2001 Certificate:  Advanced AVID Media Composer Techniques (Sheridan College )

2000 Certificate:  AVID Media Composer Techniques (Sheridan College)

1997 Diploma:  Advanced Filmmaking (New York Film Academy)

1997 B.A.: Media Studies, Filmmaking; additional concentration: Video Documentary (State University of New York at Buffalo )

1994 A.A. General Studies: Liberal Arts (Erie Community College)

Professional Experience

Senior Editor, Writer, and Producer
Buffalo-Toronto Public Media, 8/1998 – Present

Head of editorial for national and regional productions. This covers documentary "films" (broadcast movies with no interruptions by breaks), educational television programs (interrupted by breaks), educational web, digital, and social content.

Writer, producer, associate producer, sound mixer, music producer, videographer and DVD/Blu-ray author. Served as lead director for live broadcasts.
  - End-to-end understanding of how to create stories with video and sound
  - PBS and NPR broadcast workflows
  - Digital productions for on-demand viewing
  - Creation of materials for grants and proposals

  - Equipment research, purchasing and maintenance
  - Script and story editing
  - Online, color correction and packaging for national distribution and DVD authoring

  - Creation and leadership of production internship program
  - Creation of live TV studio educational materials
  - Creation of educational materials for digital productions

Senior Editor, Writer, Producer, Educator
Always Editing, 6/1994 – Present

Head writer, producer, editor of films, TV shows, documentaries, shorts and commercials.

  - Writing, script editing and story editing

  - Music score

  - Audio recording, mixing and delivery

  - Animations and graphic elements; archive image restorations

  - Finished project delivery, promotion and hosting
  - Building and maintenance of edit systems

Writer, Producer and Director of educational webinars, video journals and blogs.

  - On site trainer and web trainer of postproduction workflows
  - Example: (

Masterclass presenter, speaker, guest teacher and consultant

  - Lead presenter at editorial master classes

  - Guest presenter/teacher at colleges

  - Curriculum creator/writer for colleges and high schools

Scene & Herd Productions, 6/1994 – 3/2001

Editor of marketing videos, commercials and corporate image campaigns.

  - Work includes national re-branding campaign for HSBC Bank USA (from Marine Midland Bank). 

WUTV 1998

Local shows; tagging of network promos; local PSAs

Assistant Editor

Ross School, 1994

Seasonal work at a wonderfully forward-thinking educational institution.


88 Video, 1987-1994

Manager, trainer, tape technician and cashier at video rental store chain.

Volunteer Experience
Vice Chair and Secretary
Avid Customer Association, 2014 - present

Creation of educational venues for learning

    - Distance learning sessions with software designers

    - Live webinar tutorials on editorial workflows

Avid Pro Video Community 11/2008 - present

    - Educating other editors on various editorial workflows

    - Creation of educational materials

PostWNY 8/2008 - present

Creator of local user's group for video editors and audio professionals
    - Teacher/Presenter: Video and Audio Editing Workflows
    - Teacher/Presenter: Internet Video Workflows
    - Guest Lecturer, Apollo Media Center; WXXI Rochester

Producer and Author
AvidBlogs 4/2014 - present

Writer of blogs on editorial workflows for Avid Technology.


Moviola Education Center, 2/2017 - present

Contributing webinar host to an educational series for editors

Technical Abilities

AVID 4K and UHD Workflows

AVID Interplay Workgroup Manager

AVID Media Composer Software

AVID Media Composer Nitris DX 

AVID Media Composer Adrenaline HD

AVID Media Composer Mojo

AVID Media Composer 9000 Meridian

AVID Media Composer Xpress

AVID Media Composer 1000 AVBV

AVID ScriptSync and PhraseFind

AVID Plug-ins: Boris, Sapphire, Tiffen DFx (DFT 55mm), Stage Tools, 3-Prong

All tape and tapeless formats from Quad to Avid AMA import of P2 and QT

Delivery to/from audio post - OMF2 or otherwise

Upload/Delivery to DG Fastchannel

Adobe Photoshop (all versions since 1994)

Final Draft; Final Draft A/V

Final Cut Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

CMX, GVG, and Ampeg linear edit systems

Steenbeck (6 and 8 plate)


Volunteer Work

Editing for Steven Spielberg and The Ross Family, 1994

Volunteer, Hamptons International Film Festival, 1994

References available upon request - both professional and personal.