Lake of Betrayal

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Directors on large projects get their own Mac laptop with Avid Media Composer and a 12-TB external RAID storage system. Chris pre-loads all footage and syncs-up all scripts or transcripts. That puts Avid's Script-Based Editing abilities right into the director's hands. 

From there, you work with Chris in the classic "offline / online" edit process.


Chris Bové runs one of the most powerful Avid Media Composer | Symphony editing systems around. He works routinely in 4K and UHD, as well as full 4:4:4 R'G'B' HD color space through delivery. Chris handles all needledrop and sound work, and collaborates with the best contractors in the area if the job requires more than one craftsman on the job.

He has served as creative director and art director on national print and video campaigns. Having spent 25 years creating 400+ hours of national and regional television programming, ads and promos, he simply understands how to implement a client's vision

For Ads, Chris delivers all completed spots himself, directly to stations or broadcast hubs. He personally confirms all uploads and quality control with their traffic departments.

For national broadcasts he works directly with digital media distributors like P2P to guarantee super-standard delivery to networks like PBS. 

For digital cinemas and museum installations, he works directly with the receiving locations to test and deliver finished files to their specific equipment.


As Editor, Chris Bové will personally steward your film through the entire process from script to screen. You'll get exactly what you deserve - the smoothest edit possible, plain and simple.


You will stay on-time and under-budget. You'll never feel lost in the process. You'll be fully aware of your project's situation at all times. After weeks or even months of writing, planning and shooting your film, watching it come together in the edit should be the most rewarding part of the process.


Though it’s been around for a generation, the Avid Script-Based Editing workflow is surprisingly unknown. Even power-users of Composer may have seen this functionality but never bothered to get into it. (I’ve been in many certified Avid training courses, and it’s just not taught well enough.) Those who know it love it. It’s one of the few benefits to Composer that no competitor has been able to top.

Many craft editors regard Composer’s Script-Based Editing environment as the most powerful asset in Avid’s entire product line. Ever find yourself so overwhelmed with the technical side of editing that you forget what it feels like to be a storyteller? In Avid, you can click on words in the script and it instantly plays the corresponding video. It's the most pleasant experience you could imagine for the scriptwriting and rough-cut process.