"Cheap, Fast or Good. Pick any two."

Let's break that rule right now:

1. All three of those can be achieved if you use Avid Symphony.

2. PBS is well-known for one of the strictest technical specs for broadcast delivery. 

    Chris Bové has been delivering programs to PBS for nearly 20 years.

3. The AlwaysEditing concept of a "Post House Without Walls" costs MUCH less.

    It also removes the waiting (and babysitting) that goes on in edit bays.

Top Quality.

ALL of the Time.

Regardless of Cost.


(Online EditING)


Avid Symphony

 - Much faster color correction than Resolve, and just as powerful

 - Colorizing tools specifically designed for broadcast deliveries

 - Fast, clean interaction with animations

Support for 4K:

RED, ARRI, BlackMagic Cinema Camera, and many more.

Support for HD:

Canon 5D, SONY XDCAM, Panasonic P2, and many more.

Support for ALL tape formats.

Expert HD capturing of analog formats, including 2-inch "quad" tapes.