"Cheap, Fast or Good. Pick any two."

Let's break that rule right now:

1. All three of those can be achieved if you use Avid Symphony.

2. PBS is well-known for one of the strictest technical specs for broadcast delivery. 

    Chris Bové has been delivering programs to PBS for over 25 years.

3. The AlwaysEditing concept of a "Post House Without Walls" costs MUCH less.

    It also removes the waiting (and babysitting) that goes on in edit bays.


Avid Symphony

 - Much faster color correction than Resolve

 - Colorizing tools specifically designed for broadcast deliveries
 - Same color scenarios as PBS, APT, NETA

 - Fast, clean interaction with animations

Support for 4K and beyond:

RED, ARRI, BlackMagic Cinema Camera, and many more.

Support for HD:

Canon 5D, SONY XDCAM, Panasonic P2, and many more.

Support for ALL tape formats.

Expert HD capturing of analog formats, including 2-inch "quad" tapes.

Top Quality, all of the time, regardless of cost.


(Online EditING)