Working in East Hampton at the time, Chris also volunteered behind-the-scenes for the Hamptons International Film Festival. At 1994's festival, after a long day of volunteering, he screened A Month in the Country next to actor Roy Scheider (Jaws).

That was awesome. We were all sitting outside on blankets. Roy and his family were sitting right next to me. I couldn't help glancing over and smiling because from my angle, I had exactly the same perspective as the beach shot in JAWS.


Having worked 40-120 hours/week for over 30 years,

Chris Bové is indeed Always Editing

Uncommonly easy to work with and fiercely experienced, he has edited hundreds of hours of films, TV shows, training videos, commercials, and digital / social stories. 


Chris Bové started editing on film, but his first video edit was a unique experience. Unlike others who work their entire careers hoping to get on a project gunning for Steven Spielberg's attention, it was actually his first gig. 

"It was right around the time he was finishing up Schindler's List. The work I did was nothing sexy at all - just some minor editing and dubbing for his East Hampton team, creating pitch videos for Amblin.

I was a nobody in that process, but working at that level, and in that environment, changes anyone. Their relentless focus on storytelling and how to get the job done right became my lifelong focus as well."


Chris Bové is an American film and television editor, writer, and producer. He began his career over thirty years ago, and is best known as an editor of broadcast documentaries with strong narrative storytelling.

His first years in the business were for documentary producer Courtney Sale Ross, The Ross School, the Hamptons International Film Festival, and editing pitch videos for Steven Spielberg’s team in East Hampton.  He has since earned two degrees in filmmaking and dozens of editing certifications and awards.  He is a presenter and educator for Avid Technology, which makes the edit systems used in Hollywood, and is a private Avid consultant for many American Cinematic Editors working on Hollywood films.

Documentary editing became his focus in the early 1990’s. He was hired in 1999 at WNED PBS.  He has been an editor on their top projects including Reimagining a Buffalo Landmark, Understanding the Opioid Epidemic, Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing Western New York, If Our Water Could Talk, Glorious Battle: The Siege of Fort Erie, Elbert Hubbard: An American Original, Frank Lloyd Wright's Buffalo, Fort Niagara: The Struggle for a Continent, Remembering Western New York, Remembering Crystal Beach Park, and PoloniaFilms for other producers include The Songpoet, Lake of Betrayal, and Down the Rhodes: The Fender Rhodes Story.

He has written hundreds of scripts for television, and is usually contracted as a co-writer on the documentaries he edits.


Television ads made by Chris Bové cut through the clutter.  They are strong, effective and national quality.  He places simple, cinematic storytelling above all other trends and technical effects.  He doesn't add a "film look", he crafts the storytelling so that the spot feels like an excerpt from a film.


An advocate for education and editorial integrity, Chris Bové is a frequent guest speaker at numerous industry events and colleges.  He also consults for many companies on their workflows, including tapeless acquisition, media management, delivery and museum-quality archiving.


Avid is the company responsible for the brilliant Media Composer editing software used by millions of professional editors worldwide. 

Recruited in the mid-2000's by Avid's own Marianna Montague, Chris Bové is one of her official Moderators on Avid's Pro Video Community, and the Avid Editors of Facebook, offering high level tech support for their products. He is also an Alpha and Beta tester of their Media Composer software.

He has worked with Avid staff to create long-format tutorials and blog posts on Media Composer, Avid ScriptSync, Avid PhraseFind, and on the general architecture of how Media Composer uses a computer. 

He has been Vice Chair and Secretary on Avid's Community Advisory Council, and is on Avid's Products & Solutions Advisory CouncilThis group works directly with Avid's executive staff, product designers and engineers to improve communication withers, and prioritize product feature requests.

In 2018, he and Steve Audette, ACE conducted a Masterclass at Avid Connect / NAB on documentary editing.

In 2019 he was a guest speaker at Avid Headquarters for their 2020 Vision Summit, addressing the needs of users in the coming years.

Chris is a terrific husband and the most fantastic father you could imagine (based on a survey of his family). ​A 35-year musician, he scores much of his own work.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he has written the series bible and a number of episodes for a Northern Exposure reboot.

He is an active martial artist and self-defense expert, holding a 3rd degree black belt in modern Kenpo, as well as years of hand-to-hand  and weapons defense training in kenpo-jiujitsu, Krav Maga, Kapap, street jiujitsu, and judo. He is on a team of self defense instructors that train and provide seminars for military and law enforcement personnel.