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"Rock" Version

"Pop" Version


What an amazing camera. Imagine a top-of-the-line still-photo camera that shoots 24 frames per second, and each one is the size of a roadside billboard. OK, now stop imagining.


As with all cameras of its type, it shoots in "camera raw". Not just a format but a revolutionary shooting style, it shoots an image that - at first glance - seems hugely washed-out or desaturated.


But rather than spread all the image data across the blacks and whites, it stores it all within the grays. Once the image gets into color correction, you are blown away. Not since the color timing days of film has this much control over the image been available. It can make a landscape shot of anyone's backyard look like a scene from of Lord of the Rings.


Well... almost anyone's backyard.


Directed by

James P. Gribbins


BlackMagic Camera

Dave Cox, Eyeline Media


Editorial, Mastering, Delivery

Chris Bové, AlwaysEditing