Written, Produced and Directed by

Paul Lamont

Associate Producer

Scott Sackett

Director of Photography

James P. Gribbins

Edited by: Chris Bové

A few months after this film aired, the film's Director of Photography took a different crew out to shoot an entirely different production went out to interview some re-enactors at military forts.


Every single re-enactor voiced their praise of the production. Here's what one of them had to say about it:


"It was marvelous. That was bar-none the best shot documentary I've seen in years. The way that each scene was set was so intricate. It was amazing."  

What an amazing film this was to create. From initial story boarding and scripting to the final screen, this production was an absolute whirlwind of energy.


Historical documentaries can be disappointingly bland, especially in the genre of military history. You take some badly directed reenactments inter-cut with stale portraits of military leaders, fill it with a never-ending drone of pompous snare drum music, and you have yourself a TV show ripe for channel changing. 


Not so here.


Intimate, well-directed dramatic moments were intertwined with Hollywood-scale explosions and stunt coordination. There is no questioning - this was filmmaking at its core.