Videos showing the new interface

Media Composer 2020.12

Media Composer 2021.3 

5) A quick example of what can be done with these new Floating Panel Windows. Don't hate me for having fun with it. 

Here are a few videos I threw together to show you new additions to the Media Composer UI.

The BIN STATUS BAR is a long-time feature request that has come to fruition.

And if you notice... It also has an added benefit. Many users have also been requesting the bottom-right corner to have a much larger "grab area". Well, now we have both! 

3) Avid took the concept of Bin Containers one step further. We now have Floating Panel Windows. Here they are, in my Audio Workspace.

1) You can now change the color of the background behind the Timeline... which means that the ALL BLACK background from the old days is back!

You've been able to move clips in the timeline with your keyboard for a while now. However it was destructive in nature. Meaning, when you moved clips on top of others, it laid Filler on top of everything in its path. 

Now in MC2021.3, the idea of moving clips around the timeline is no longer destructive. 

Note: There is a :05 second long limit to this. If you move a clip over another, and wait five seconds, it will behave like the old way - adding filler. This is intentional because users still want this for some situations.

2) Here are a few things new in Titler+

4) One of the long-time feature requests has been to give users the ability to make shortcut keys to the various items in each tool's menus. Now you can!

6) Another look at Floating Panel Windows.