New with Media Composer version 2020.x

If you are running Media Composer 2020 on a Mac, and you want access to the classic Title Tool and QuickTime AMA Linking, then you also need to download this "Legacy Components" file.

This is NOT for 64-bit macOS Big Sur or Catalina.

This is ONLY for 32-bit macOS Mojave and

High Sierra.

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Note: It does not matter if you install the Legacy Components before or after installing Media Composer.

How to download Media Composer directly,

versus using Avid Link

Most users are running a subscription version of Media Composer, not a perpetual license or a physical dongle. Thus, they are very used to the idea of downloading new versions of Media Composer directly from their Avid Link app. 

That does work fine, but there is another way:

1) ​On your computer, open an internet browser and navigate to this link: You will be presented with your login screen.

​2) Once you sign-in, you will be taken to the link, which we all refer to as the "Download CPR Site".

This is a massive list of all current and former products available from Avid. Scroll down and click on Avid Media Composer. This will take you to the huge list of Media Composer versions available for download. 

Note: Ignore all of the other software. While it might be tempting to download other apps, they'll do you no good unless you have the codes to activate them.

3) ​It is always advised to install the newest release, but not mandatory. Professional editors always keep three things in mind when they are deciding on which version to use:

      - My "version environment" is crucial. Which Windows or Mac

        OS is my computer running on? Downloading a version of

        Media Composer that is too old or new could cause issues

      - Is this my own computer? Or is it belonging to a facility that is

        running on a shared storage network? I'd hate to install

        something that the facility's network will not be able to detect.

      - Am I a fan of the new UI or the old UI? The classic "look" of

        Media Composer is version 2018 and lower. The new UI is 

        version 2019 and newer.

​Side note: installing a version of Avid Media Composer that is too new or too old for your machine is NOT something that is blocked automatically. So it is entirely possible to install the wrong thing. Do your research. Read the README file, which you can find with a simple Google search for the Avid Media Composer version you are interested in.

4) When you click on a version, it takes you to the downloading page. Decide if you want the Windows installer or the Mac installer. 

​Once installed, your OS will ask you if you wish to delete the uninstaller. I personally keep all installers on a separate, external hard drive for safety, but you do not need to.

How to update Media Composer