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​​What does it do? 

​For documentary editing, getting transcripts of interviews is a vital part of the production process. One of the companies providing freelancers who transcribe audio has been

Commissioning their services has been easy. Downloading their transcripts has been easy. However formatting those transcripts for Avid Media Composer used to be a nightmare. Each transcript required many additional reformatting steps. Skipping steps resulted in a broken Avid ScriptSync workflow.

This new process for downloading transcripts from REV's website creates TXT files formatted nicely for editing documentaries in Avid's Script-Based Editing environment in Media Composer. 


Enter Steve Audette ACE. We brought the long-time ScriptSync master and fellow Senior Documentary Editor into our initial conversations. The engineers at REV used the exact specifications he described in his workflow for editing documentaries for PBS Frontline.

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REV responded:

It all started with a single tweet:

​​How to get it? 

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You'll be granted access within 2-3 days. To speed up the process, create your user account on REV before doing so.

That's it!

So... It's a plug-in for Avid?

No. ​​This isn't a plug-in for Media Composer or an app you need to download. This is simply a transcript... but formatted specifically for AvidGo to and select "My Files". Select your transcript. Select "Download". That's where you'll find this new option.

Do I need to use REV? Or are there other options?

In order to gain access to this transcript formatting, you'll need to commission the transcribing through REV. However... Are there other transcription options out there? Absolutely! The transcription business has exploded in recent years. Think about your project, and decide between these three "tiers" of transcription:

1) A.I.
There are many companies using A.I. for transcriptions these days. You can upload audio to websites, or download apps.

- SimonSays (
​- Others like Trint, Temi, and GoTranscript
- Speedscriber

...heck, I've even seen people calling themselves, and letting their iPhone voicemail transcribe their audio.

2) Hybrid of A.I. and real people, like REV.

3) The most thorough option is the old-school way: finding a real person - or a company of real people - who do full immersion transcripts. This means they not only transcribe, but they research everything as well. Meaning they guarantee correct spellings of all medical terms, foreign words, and so on. 

My FAVORITE for many years has been the wonderful people at 
Accurate Secretarial ( When you cannot compromise on the quality and the PRIVACY of your transcriptions, then there's no substitute.

Over the course of a year, and after many conversations with REV's development team and Avid's product managers, Rev delivered. They created a simple new method for downloading transcripts that were commissioned on

Meet the new Avid ScriptSync download template: