Instead they went straight for the absolute biggest names in the industry and worked patiently with their schedules. They scored its soundtrack with on-the-spot performances by the stars themselves.


It took so long because often the film was well into final editing when we heard great news that "so-and-so just agreed to an interview". So the producers hired whatever crew they could find at a moment's notice, traveled to the star's location, captured an interview and recorded a performance on the Rhodes, then scripted the interview and I added it to the cut.


This historical tribute to the Fender Rhodes electric piano is brought to life through performances and stories from a remarkable cast of music notables.


Easily the longest edit I've ever worked on, and certainly the highest shooting ratio... But in a good way.


The producers began the whole process of conceptualizing this film by realizing that a feature-length documentary on this subject had never been done. Naturally they could have taken the easy way out by showing some old photos and narrating a rough history. They could have filmed some generic B-roll of the piano and gone to a stock music library for the soundtrack.