Eric Andersen emerged from the Greenwich Village folk scene of the sixties.  He embodies the singer/songwriter, poet and artist in his timeless interpretation of the world around him.  He is about authenticity.  Passion feeds his craft, integrity sustains it and time strengthens it.  

The Songpoet will be an absorbing journey into the remarkable life and expressive music of this enduring musician, poet and writer.  It will tell the story of a man who has remained true to himself and his art for nearly fifty years and if not for an untimely death, a forgotten film, and a lost album his name might be as recognized as some of his contemporaries. 

Set against the backdrop of American folk music and with unprecedented access to Andersen—an icon within that scene—The Songpoet will weave a delicately balanced tapestry of song and story that will reveal the unstoppable force that drives an artist.




Rising fame, lavish critical acclaim and crushing disappointments. The film is a life journey through the career of songwriter/poet, Eric Andersen.

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© Toward Castle Films

Written, Produced and Directed by

Paul Lamont


Produced by

Scott Sackett


Director of Photography

Jack Cummings

Edited by Chris Bové